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NZXT 500 Overwatch Special Edition PC Case

We review the NZXT H500 chassis, the company recently teamed up with Blizzard and released the Overwatch Special Edition. A tidy and simply design chassis with tempered glass and refined features with the ability to hide your components inside the chassis. NZXT has been around for years, building an ongoing reputation with mostly their controversial chassis designs. It all really started with the Guardian chassis years ago and have ever since put numerous chassis designs out on the market. Rising from the ashes of their crafted series is the Phantom 630 full tower chassis, absolutely impressive in many ways as the design is simply great, the features are grand and then the extras still need to kick in. We have a changing enthusiast PC landscape with massive online games, such as Overwatch. As such NZXT took their 500 series and out and stamped some Overwatch logos on there. For the true aficionados golden stuff of course. 

The standard stuff then Drive support, fan/cooling support, and the rest. Well, as is becoming somewhat expected, the chassis supports two 2.5” drives and two 3.5” ones. This, we feel, is entirely adequate. For the average home PC builder, four bays are more than enough. Add to this the increasingly cheaper prices of SSDs, as well as larger numbers of more affordable M.2 SATA/NVMe drives being available for decent money, and you understand why the days of the 3.5” HDD user may soon be coming to a slow but somewhat inevitable end.

Just like the original H500, the special edition has a side window, a sleek appearance and there is room for an atx motherboard. For the special edition, an illuminated Overwatch logo is placed on the front and a non-illuminated logo on the side. Under the logo ‘Overwatch’ is written in large letters. This housing is of course intended for the diehard Overwatch fan. The housing has a suggested retail price of 150 USD and is, therefore, a lot more expensive than the ‘standard’ H500. This has namely a suggested retail price of 76.99 USD.

The chassis is available as we speak in dark color design. It is a mid-tower chassis with room for just about anything that is standard ATX. At a price of 149 USD (mind you that a standard H500 is 79 USD), the H500 Overwatch edition with its logo stamped on the right side and all lit up at the front is available now. 



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