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Leven JS600 1 TB SATA SSD

Leven (it’s not the village in the UK) is a Taiwanese company established in 1996. It’s not known very well in Europe, where Amazon is its primary retailer. The JS600 is the best SATA model from this company, and 1 TB is the highest available capacity. The series offers decent enough speed (for a SATA3 unit) and remains competitive in pricing. There is also the JS300 series (with slightly smaller capacities, the rest of the specification looks similar). These days there is a demand for constantly bigger SSDs, the 1 TB is nothing extraordinary and expensive. There is no RGB here, but that isn’t really a drawback. 

This SATA SSD was built with an SMI controller paired with 3D TLC NAND memory. The JS600 is an SSD with a storage capacity of 128/ 256GB / 512GB / 1TB. The drive uses SATA and, according to the manufacturer, this series achieves read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and write speeds of up to 470 MB/s, as well as up to 76K/76K random read/write IOPS. The TBW for the 1 TB variant is 240 TB which is rather mediocre. Leven’s JS600 SSD comes in a typical 2.5-inch/7-mm SATA form-factor.


Leven’s JS600 RGB SSDs are priced as follows (on price comparison sites):

  • 128 GB for 23 EUR
  • 256 GB for 27 EUR
  • 512 GB for 51 EUR
  • 1 TB for 90 EUR

So at the first look, it seems like an “average-Joe” SSD at a reasonable price. Leven offers a decent 3-year warranty on this product. Let’s have a closer look at the JS600 model.


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