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New aesthetics with a high performance 16 GB memory kit

We review the all-new Sniper-X DDR4 memory (dual-channel) from G.Skill. It’s fast at 3600 MHz, it’s cool and runs XMP 2.0 memory profiles on Intel platforms as well. Join us as we review not just some of the faster-clocked bars of memory, it’s fitted with a new style and design as well.

While the new RGB series is hip and trendy alright, it increases the price of your average memory kit. And with memory prices still being sky-high plus not everybody liking the RGB trend, G.Skill figured, hey, let’s go back to basics. Grab some awesome memory, give it a black PCB and apply a notch of camo design heat spreader. The design of the Sniper X DDR4 series thus themes up with a military camouflage that you can see at the top bar. Actually, there are three different flavors available, classic camo, urban camo, and digital camo.

G.SKILL to date has got to be the most renowned memory partner of Guru3D.com, they simply build awesome kits on many variations, frequencies, and price levels. G.SKILL works very closely with the PC component industry, thus motherboard manufacturers often support 99% of the kits that G.SKILL releases, and if it isn’t supported, you can bet that in the next firmware update it will be. We’ve seen this with the Ryzen launch, memory support was pretty dramatic, it was G.KILL that worked closely with AMD to get the first dedicated and AMD optimized Ryzen kits in the stores. Hats off and kudos for that.

Today we’ll test the new Sniper-X series. Proper good memory, with more ‘normal’ latency timings, yet available in many clock frequencies. For our test kit, G.SKILL supplied a dual-channel (2xDIMM) DDR4 kit rated at 3600 MHz with a modest CL19. They will offer these kits starting at 2400 MHz running up-to today’s tested DDR4-3600MHz (PC4-3600) in several combinations to address dual and quad-channel memory configurations ranging from 16 GB up-to even 128 GB DIMM kits in varying SKUs. 

DDR4 memory modules, you can choose from plenty and honestly, cheap but dull all-green Kingston Value memory, for example, works absolutely fine. Then there are regular mainstream DIMMs, then step it up a little and, say, high-frequency memory is a hint faster and often cooler looking inside your PC with the fancy designs and heat-spreaders. For the last stage in the channel, there’s enthusiast grade memory for the performance enthusiasts, which is what we will look at as G.SKILL has released, for example, their TridentZ series memory. The Sniper-X DIMMs we received from them clock in at an amazing 3600 MHz (effective), but starting at 2400 MHz they are thus positioned in a more mainstream segment. Being G.Skill these DIMMs will all receive a lifetime warranty as well as being XMP 2.0 compatible, enabled with a simple XMP profile in your BIOS.



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