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Corsair K65 RGB MINI review
A K65 that is so mini-mini

The Corsair K65 RGB Mini is a totally different proposition from Corsair. Yes, there were other K65’s in the past. Yes, it’s a mechanical keyboard with RGB, but this time it comes in a small package (and I don’t mean the box). What can this baby offer us? Well, there’s plenty. What’s first? Let’s start with the standard things, like Cherry MX Red key switches (we’ll cover that part a bit later) or dynamic per-key RGB backlighting that is fully customizable through CORSAIR’s iCUE software, which gives you access to a robust set of features, including controls for lighting, profiles, macros, media, volume, and mouse cursor. Thanks to the 8 MB of onboard storage, it’s possible to save up to 50 onboard profiles with custom macros and your own uniquely vibrant RGB lighting effects, with up to 20 lighting layers. You also get 100% anti-ghosting technology and a full n-key rollover.



So, what’s different here? First up is the size. This is the 60% form factor (i.e., 60% of a standard keyboard). That should allow you to fit it even in the smallest gaming environments. The keycaps are made of PBT, which should bring more durability than ABS. Wear, fading, and shine should be much less significant, and with the 1.5 mm thickness, stability will be improved as well. But that’s not all. The braided USB Type-C cable is detachable, so that makes this keyboard more mobile (and it’s nice that they’ve used the Type-C connector, which you’ll find, e.g., in mobile phones). The Corsair K65 RGB Mini is powered by CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, which should allow transmission of inputs to your PC up to 8x faster than in conventional gaming keyboards with 8,000 Hz hyper-polling. There’s also 4,000 Hz key scanning. The switches used here are guaranteed for 100 million strokes (that’s impressive). There’s also the option to switch the included keycaps with the optional radiant spacebar and CORSAIR logo key for the ESC.


Cherry MX Red has the linear switching characteristic. Combined with low spring resistance, it triggers directly. The CHERRY MX Red is the go-to switch for beginners in the world of mechanical keyboards. The smooth-running technology strikes a good balance between typing and gaming applications. 45 cN of actuation force needs to be applied for 2.0 mm pre-travel, with a total travel distance of 4.0 mm. The K65 RGB Mini uses a strong and sturdy frame that comes in black. The keyboard is priced at 129 USD. Is it worth it? Let’s check the Corsair K65 RGB Mini in practice on the following pages.


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